the hunger palace

Yesterday's mail brought copies of The Journal, the latest issue of which includes my series THE HUNGER PALACE in it's entirety.  To get your hands on your very own issue, visit their website. Or read the entirety online: ]

"Last week, I read that a vast percentage of the body is entirely new at any given time--blood cells, tendon, epidermis.  That even our bones are breaking down slowly and replacing themselves every few years. The broken ring finger of my childhood no longer an indeterminate crack in the metacarpal.  The myth that every seven years or so, we are essentially a new person, the credit of our bodies wiped clean and spotless, but our parts still harboring holdouts.  Like the woman in the quaint Victorian as the skyline springs up around her.  Ova and  neurons and the lens of the eye.   At any given moment, most of my body has forgotten most every man I've ever slept with, but my tail bone still aches sometimes from a fall in the snow a decade ago."

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