honey machine

As we get closer and closer to the April release of SEX & VIOLENCE (Black Lawrence, 2020), I'll be posting a few related things, including this brief discussion on the ye old blog about the impetus and process for the segment of Plath centos that form one section of the collection. Enjoy!

"As I assembled more and more (and I say assembling, more than writing since the words were entirely hers and not so much mine.) there was this washing machine effect--like the red sock in a load of whites that you keep seeing, but almost as if that red sock will eventually ruin everything else in the dryer.  Snippets, obsessions kept reappearing as the speaker (Plath and not Plath) tried to reconcile love and romance with the drudgery of what those things become in the domestic sphere. "

You can read some of the pieces themselves at Sweet Tree Review, Tinderbox Poetry, and Pretty Owl Poetry...

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