Kristy Bowen

(dancing girl press & studio, 2023)

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From pandemic life to social disintegration, collapsologies explores the costs, emotional and financial, of life in the last decade through the wreckage of horror films, capitalism, class warfare, politics, and tabloid headlines ripped not all that far from the truth.  

I Was Bigfoot's Love Slave


At first, we were happy in the woods. Pine sap

and endless games of backgammon. How he'd roll

me into his side while sleeping. The creep of moss


across the floor over our bodies. The perks in dating

a secretive man, the secrets hidden in plain sight. The dog

that belonged to him, but didn't.  The fog that gathered


when we fucked, always on the floor. The women he loved

before, all sirens and witches, and me, so human, So typical.

So angry when mud stained the sheets and squirrels


nested in the rafters. So happy to be adored, I'd wash

the cave until my fingers bled. Squash the insects

that crawled from his fur with my red heels, but still


he'd drag the deer he'd hunted, bloody, back to our bed.

Sometimes he'd hide in the closet to pretend he didn't exist. 

The dog would disappear for days.