dark country

dark country
Kristy Bowen
(dancing girl press & studio, 2021)

116 pages.

available here

Set amidst the drift and sway of midwestern girlhood, this collection of prose poems & lyric essay tongues the edges of the rural and suburban gothic, urban legends, sleepover lore, horror movies, and the darker corners of feminine consciousness. 

"A girl builds a hallway in her body lined with ribbons.  best of show. best heifer.  best 4-H betty crocker brownies.   A dresser littered with abandoned barrettes and shiny trophies.  After she's elected fair queen, she fucks the football team under the dark of the bleachers.  Hands tied with a silver sash.  best kisser. best blow job.  Under her sweater, the best heart, best speller in three counties. Dark country, if you can survive there.  If you can thrive under the hot lights of the hatchery. The butcher takes only the best cuts, while she smiles in her best bow-collared blouse. A little sad, but the best game in town."