Text & Image by
Kristy Bowen

(dancing girl press & studio, 2024)

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This lush and sensuous modern retelling of the Persephone myth juxtaposes her journey to the underworld with that of the girls who were transformed into winged monsters in the wake of her abduction.


A girl is a grenade, is a garden full of bramble and weeds,

needy and ambling through mornings lost in thought.

Your feet were dirty and your dress was stained, but you were

so hungry you bit the first thing you saw. The demon's thumb,

then the plumb ripe of a pomegranate.  How you plucked out

the seeds, placed them on your tongue and swallowed

them completely. You could not lie to your mother, could not die there,

where the beast watched and waited.   How you hated the hunger,

but it grew and grew. By nightfall devouring the monster's body

inch by inch. How you did not flinch when he touched you but,

but leaned closer, your mouth clean as a god.