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An excellent researcher with a poet's sensibilities, Kristy Bowen has content writing experience in a number of arts and culture-related fields. She specializes in research-intensive projects covering a cohesive but eclectic range of interests centered around art, design, cultural history, and literature. 

Her skills include SEO optimization, research, publication design, blogging and platform management, brand storytelling, content development, grant writing and social media marketing. 

Specialty Areas

Architecture and Design

    @ Long Form Lesson Content:   
          Art Deco Furniture
          Streamline Moderne    
          Jacobean Era Furniture
          French Provincial
          Arts and Crafts Movement
          Queen Anne Homes

    @ ducletly:  notes on a bookish life

Vintage, Antiques & Collectibles

           Movie Star Arcade Cards
           Western Star Arcade Cards
            Baseball Arcade Cards

Art & Art History

Home & Lifestyle

Writing, Literature, and Books

Real Estate and Travel

Fashion & Fashion History

Libraries & Museums