paper boat newsletter

It's a weird time. I was thinking about writing  & reading & connecting and thus, this little missive was born.  Something a little more old-school than a scrolling feed amid internet chaos, but also easily accessed.  A newsletter of sorts, but also something a little more special and unique for readers than they can get on the web. A little more still.

Once each month, I plan to send general bits of news your way--about my writing and art, about creative obsessions,  about current and future projects.  Plus, things you can't get elsewhere--access to new poems, to work-in-progress, to electronic projects that haven't been released.  Think of it as a secret side door. A little room off to the side. A small boat sent to your inbox. (My metaphors are everywhere, but you get the idea.) 

Thank you for previous subscribers for indulging this new project, and to new subscribers for joining us.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together!   

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