the working girl's grimoire


dancing girl press & studio, 2021

26 pgs.

read the electronic version here.

spell for the wicked 

Blessed be the exes. Sex damp and wasted. Fastened into feathers and plump with whiskey. The sticky bar back with his twisted fingers. Double fisted archivists and mad chauffers. Real estate brokers and floaters. The grifter with his busted spine, a line of stitches sewn up the back of him and stuffed with rags we set fire to one by one over the city.  Everything was burning sometimes, the building a block over that turned the sky black as a headache.  You were so sick and so lovely when the ashes found you, settling over your dark coat. Floating over the river.  The construction worker had no furniture, so you fucked on the floor. Harbored windswept spaces in all your cavities. The vending machine owner who bent you over the couch in his highrise. The city lit up outside like a circuit board.